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Court And Client Representative - Irregular On-call (1 Unilingual And 1 Designated Bilingual, English-french)

May 27 2022
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Ottawa, ON • Remote
Do you want an exciting career supporting an accessible, fair, timely and effective justice system for Ontarians? Consider joining the Ministry of the Attorney General, Court Services Division where we offer an extensive training program to teach you everything you need to know to become a Court and Client Representative in the Superior Court of Justice and/or Ontario Court of Justice.

The hours for this position are irregularly scheduled and the hours can vary by court location with no minimum guarantee of hours. You may be scheduled up to 36.25 hours per week.

What can I expect to do in this role?

In a fast-paced team environment, you will perform a wide range of duties both in and out of the courtroom to support in-person and virtual hearings.

You will:
• Prepare and maintain courtrooms for proceedings e.g., ensure court decorum; set-up open/close court; prepare dockets and files; facilitate communication between parties; speak publicly during court proceedings, support case flow; handle, mark and record all court-related documents; maintain logs and court exhibits
• Attend to juries and witnesses e.g., coordinate and assist jury panels; attend witness' needs
• Provide customer service, respond to inquiries and resolve issues e.g., assist public, court personnel and justice participants to address questions and provide information on protocols and procedures; process filings; set court dates and notify parties; issue court related documents; save records; conduct and reconcile financial transactions
• Record proceedings and maintain court technology e.g., document and record proceedings; ensure all courtroom equipment and technology is maintained in working order
• Support court operations and services e.g., attention to detail to record statistical data; prepare and review reports from various systems; collaborate with staff on operational/procedural changes, address and resolve operational matters, client service issues, technology issues

How do I qualify?


• Typing and fully programmable word processing skills to 30 words per minute (wpm)
• You are proficient in English as well as in oral French at the advanced level, and written French at the advanced-minus level. Your level of proficiency will be tested

Please note:
• You will be required to:
o Undergo a security screening check under the Ontario Public Service (OPS) Employment Screening Check Policy, which includes a criminal record check (Criminal Records and Judicial Matters Check)
o Become a Commissioner of Oaths
• You may be required to:
o Work from home
o Work on weekends and statutory holidays
o Report to work at other court locations (potentially in small aircraft or driving a motor vehicle as required) when scheduled or on an as-needed basis

Communication and Client Service Skills:

You have:
• Knowledge and experience applying customer service principles to deliver high quality service
• Professionalism, oral communication and interpersonal skills, tact and good judgement
• Ability to write detailed, accurate and clear written reports and documentation

Technical Proficiency:

You have:
• Basic technical skills and can learn to troubleshoot court equipment (e.g., digital recording, video equipment and display devices)
• Proficiency with computer software and case management systems (data base programs) to access and retrieve information

Planning and Organizational Skills:

You have:
• Organizational skills, the ability to prioritize workload, multi-task in a fast-paced environment, meet deadlines and adapt to changing priorities
• The ability to work independently – within a court setting or from home – and in a team environment, proposing solutions for the optimal use of time and resources to ensure operational requirements are met

Problem-Solving and Judgement Skills:

With little or no guidance/assistance from others, you can:
• Identify, address, and resolve problems
• Interpret and assess situations, make sound judgements, and diffuse difficult situations

Specialized Knowledge:

You have:
• The ability to interpret/apply and explain legislation, regulations, policies, and practices

Administrative and Mathematical Skills:

You have:
• Math skills to receive payments, calculate fees, collect and balance monies/accounts
• The ability to operate a cash register/financial management system including handling card transactions and cash
• The ability to manage active and archived files network