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Legislative Translator - Designated Bilingual (english-french)

May 27 2022
Categories Architecture, Design, Legal, Paralegal, Professionals, Support staff, Translation, Documentation, Writing, Writing, Correction, Translation
Toronto, ON
Consider this challenging opportunity with the Ministry of the Attorney General, Office of the Legislative Counsel, to translate Ontario bills and regulations into French. The Office of Legislative Counsel provides legislative drafting and translation services to Ministers of the Crown and Members of the Legislature for bills and to applicants for private bills, and also provides legislative drafting and translation services for regulations.

What can I expect to do in this role?

You will:
• Translate complex statutes, bills and regulations which include legal, specialized and technical terminology
• Research terms and phrases to ensure accuracy and obtain clarification from English-language drafters
• Ensure uniformity of style and language by accessing similar provisions in other statutes, bills and regulations
• Liaise with linguistic advisors and bilingual counsel to clarify intended legal terms and concepts, and determine appropriate words or terminology
• Participate in developing and updating French legislative terminology for Ontario
• Respond to inquiries and provide consultation to government officials, members of the legal profession, publishers and the public regarding legislative terminology and French language usage for Ontario statutes, bills and regulations
• Maintain accurate records of time spent translating documents for invoicing and billing purposes

How do I qualify?


• You must possess oral and written French language skills at the superior level. Your proficiency level will be confirmed before hire.

Technical Knowledge:

• You have the appropriate French and English proficiency level to translate legislation (i.e. statutes, bills and regulations) from English to French
• You are able to apply knowledge of translation practices and principles for selecting precise language, appropriate style and structure to ensure the correct interpretation of English text and that the meaning and intent of the original texts are preserved
• You are able to acquire and apply knowledge of legal and technical terminology to ensure accurate translation of terms
• You are proficient with computer software programs (i.e. Word, Excel and Outlook) including word-processing, database programs and Internet applications, and are familiar with computer assisted translation tools (e.g. Logiterm, MultiTrans, Fusion or Trados).

Essential Skills:

• You demonstrate analytical and evaluative skills to determine which existing provisions can be directly applied or adapted to current documents and ensure consistent language for all statutes, bills and regulations
• You are able to research electronic terminology, style guides, and consult with legal and linguistic experts to verify meaning and intent and ensure they are maintained
• You have strong oral and written communication skills to explain problematic legal terms and concepts, and ensure that accurate vocabulary, legal and technical terminology, and grammar and sentence structure are used when translating statutes, bills and regulations
• You are able to prioritize assignments for each of the statutes, bills or regulations while meeting conflicting deadlines
• You have strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work independently and in a team

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