Manager, By-Law Administration Services, Client Service Centre, Client & People Services

February 23 2021
Industries Legal
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Toronto, ON


The Manager, By-Law Administration Services is responsible for managing a team of Law Clerks, Administrators, an Assistant Manager, and a Team Leader to ensure the timely administration of (and compliance with) numerous lawyer & paralegal requirements mandated under various by-laws, rules and the Law Society Act, including certain licensee applications (such as exemptions for illness and surrender), the status change follow-up process, the professional corporation process, the annual report process, and supervisory approvals. The Manager also has oversight for all Law Society and LAWPRO monthly administrative suspensions, including mandated due diligence for Law Society filing suspensions and reinstatements.


  • An LLB or JD, plus a Class L1 licence with the Law Society.*
  • Minimum of 7 years of legal or regulatory experience, including practical legal experience and a level of knowledge of legal practice, or equivalent. Five of these years should be working in a leadership role, providing guidance and mentorship and contributing to human resources decisions regarding professional and support staff.
  • Customer service experience is preferred.
  • Extensive knowledge of the Law Society Act, by-laws and rules.
  • Knowledge of the Law Society, including organizational structure, services and mandate.
  • Substantive legal knowledge with respect to administrative law and other areas of practice.
  • Solid understanding of best practices with respect to employee relations, client service management processes, process design and financial/accounting resources.
  • Training in Alternative Dispute Resolution/Mediation.
  • Superior analytical skills to interpret and reason through complex information.
  • Expressive and persuasive in both spoken and written language.
  • Proficiency in word processing and data base applications, email, and the internet/intranet.

*By submitting your application for employment, you agree to a clearance check of your regulatory history with the Law Society, and to the use of this information in assessing suitability for employment at the Law Society.

Client Service Planning

  • Ensures timely and accurate response to inquiries from lawyers and licensed paralegals regarding the collection, organization and recording of By-Law Administration Services related material, including annual filings and various applications.
  • The incumbent will ensure that recommended process and procedural changes are legally sound and provide for fairness and equity in treatment of licensees, in keeping with the Law Society Act, by-laws, codes and rules.
  • Monitors the provision of services to licensees.
  • Evaluates, recommends and implements changes to associated work processes.
  • Ensures that By-Law Administrative Services processes conform to all applicable by-laws, rules and acts.
  • Initiates compliance reporting and database development, as well as indirectly providing input to Bencher Committee reports, as required.

Client Service Delivery

  • In conjunction with the Director, establishes policies and procedures, and monitors the performance of staff and systems related to the areas of responsibility of the department, and ensures that results are timely and consistent with established service standards and benchmarks.
  • Monitors service delivery of individual staff and takes action as required ensuring that established standards relating to all processes are maintained, including:

• Lawyer and Paralegal Annual Report development, distribution, Portal development, form submission review and compilation, including consulting with stakeholders to coordinate development of form content for submission to Committee and Convocation. Works with Information Technology to extensively develop and test annual reporting forms, e-filing and error reporting
• All Law Society and LAWPRO monthly administrative suspensions, including due diligence for Law Society filing suspensions mandated under the Law Society Act (Annual Report, Annual Fee, Insurance, CPD) for both lawyers and paralegals. Coordination with Finance, Membership Services and LawPRO, arrangement of monthly meeting with Summary Order Bencher to sign Orders. Liaison with Bencher and Policy areas regarding suspension policy matters. Prepare and mail suspension reminders and notices to licensees (due diligence), execute suspension process, notify appropriate parties/agencies of suspensions, arrange publication of suspension records
• Submission of administrative suspension appeals to the Law Society Tribunal
• Appearance when necessary as expert witness at Law Society Tribunal hearings, or as witness in court matters involving lawyer or paralegal suspension or filing records
• Ensuring accurate collection and reporting of regulatory clearance checks to establish good character on compliance applications
• Submission of application appeals to a committee of Convocation

  • Provides legal counsel and guidance to team members with respect to applications received by licensees and compliance issues relating to licensees and in some cases makes arguments before a committee of Benchers or a panel of Benchers. Areas include, but are not limited to:

• Appeals of Administrative Suspensions
• Exemptions
• Filing Reinstatements
• Professional Corporations
• Status Change Follow-up Files

  • Coordinates and oversees extensive development, implementation and collection of lawyer and paralegal annual filings, including electronic filing systems.

People Leadership / Team Building

  • Provides substantive and operational leadership to a staff of Law Clerks, Administrators, an Assistant Manager, and a Team Leader.
  • Oversees delegation of work assignments to the Assistant Manager and the Team Leader.
    Hires, trains, develops and evaluates employees accountable to the Manager in accordance with the policies of the organization and best human resources practices.
  • Oversees the coordination of work assignments to staff in By-Law Administration Services and together with the Director, ensures that results are timely and consistent with service standards.
  • Fosters a positive working environment by clarifying goals, building the commitment of individuals, strengthening the group’s collective skills and encouraging creativity, problem solving and appropriate alternative dispute resolution.
  • Fosters a team environment by role modeling leadership behaviour, empowering employees and building team capacity.

Performance Goals, Targets and Standards

  • Engages in continuous process improvement, recommending and initiating changes as required.
  • Together with the Director, develops, improves and implements policies, processes and procedures related to By-Law Administration Services.
  • Contributes to the definition and implementation of the Law Society and CSC quality and client service mandate, through establishment and implementation of work processes, procedures and standards, monitoring performance, and evaluating the effectiveness of services provided to licensees and the public across the areas of responsibility.
  • Establishes and monitors performance goals, targets and standards within the By-Law Administration Services area, and engages staff in continuous training, development and performance improvement initiatives.
  • Provides ongoing guidance and ensures knowledge transfer, evaluation of process and ongoing improvement on various legal subjects to employees through the development of training programs and procedures.
  • Works in conjunction with the Director, and other CSC departments to ensure the ongoing improvement of processes within the CSC, continuously monitors work processes and procedures, re engineering of work processes within the area, and establishing new processes and protocols as goals and targets shift with new Law Society initiatives.
  • Develops statistical reports and analysis regarding department data, in order to report on work done and plan for the future.

Policy Development

  • This position is responsible for interpretation and application of by-laws as they relate to department processes, as well as the Rules of Professional Conduct, the Paralegal Rules of Conduct, the Rules of Practice and Procedure, the Law Society Act, and other legislative acts.
  • In conjunction with the Director, the incumbent identifies emerging issues and develops policies that will support enhanced performance.
  • Continually assesses policies and procedures and identifies opportunities for policy development or change in areas related to the work done in By-Law Administration Services.
  • Prepares legal research, reports and analysis in support of policy development, as assigned by the Director.

Financial Responsibility

  • Provides input into the CSC budget, and carries accountability for the By-Law Administration Services budget.
  • Contributes to the development of requests for proposals and project specifications and manages relationships with vendors and service providers as applicable.

Team Membership

  • Works closely with the Director, CSC and other managers and counsel in the CSC, and with representatives of other Law Society departments to ensure quality in the delivery of services.
  • Also works closely with LawPRO, the Law Foundation and external service providers in the identification of reporting and process improvements to better serve Law Society stakeholders.
  • Acts as a legal expert in By-Law Administration Services, ensuring a consistent, timely and efficient approach to the work done in the department.
  • Works closely with the Director and other staff in the Client & People Services division to develop, and ensure adherence to, processes related to the accuracy, currency, integrity and security of information.

The Law Society of Ontario values and respects diversity. We are committed to creating an accessible, barrier-free and inclusive workplace, in compliance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). Please make any requirement you may have for a Code-protected recruitment-process accommodation known when contacted. If you are unable to apply to this position due to the requirement for an accommodation of any kind, please email us at

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