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Lucie Bélanger, legal assistant for Sophie Laframboise Avocate inc.

Legal assistant, a lawyer's right arm

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Interview with Lucrece Borgiane, legal assistant

I am a legal assistant. It's a job that's broader in scope than legal secretary; you could say that I'm the lawyer's right arm. My current firm, comprises two lawyers specializing in family mediation, matrimonial, civil and corporate law. 

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Interview with Yanka Laramée, paralegal with Blakes

Like most paralegals, I have a DEC in paralegal studies. Some have a bachelor's degree in law, which is quite rare, unless they plan to become lawyers afterwards.

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Interview with Sandra Beauregard, paralegal with Ekitas

Over time, I am acquiring more independence. I have more complex files to work on and I now attend client meetings with the lawyer, in which I participate and query the client. It's really interesting.

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