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Focus on the Immigration Law Paralegal

In Canada, companies are increasingly recruiting workers who are qualified abroad, particularly due to the shortage of labour that affects certain provinces such as Quebec. However, the process is far from simple and companies want to ensure that their future employees will be able to work legally. This leads to high demand on law firms […]

Career management

Forensic Accountant – a Sought-After Expertise

Forensic accounting expertise is increasingly sought after these days. But what does a forensic accountant do, what needs does he meet and what are the future prospects of this profession? We talked to Vicky Poirier, president of the Quantum Juricomptable firm. “No company today wants to find themselves before a Charbonneau Commission No. 2,” Vicky […]


Becoming a Bailiff – Guide

Are jobs in the legal field all office jobs? Not all. The bailiff is at the centre of action. Close-up on this little known profession.                                                              […]

Pay and benefits

What should a paralegal earn?

Generally over $50,000 per year, but often reaching $90,000 after practising several years in urban areas, the paralegal’s salary is highly variable. Quick peek. When the time comes to reveal the pay scales for paralegals, most legal recruitment specialists are cautious, given the high variability in the types of jobs and associated salaries. “It varies […]

Career management

Paralegal – to Specialize or Not to Specialize?

On the job market, which changes quickly, the question of specialization arises, in the field of law among others, and especially for the paralegal profession. Is this position more easily accessible by being specialized? Training in legal techniques required to become a paralegal normally provides all the tools necessary to practise this profession. A paralegal […]

Job advice

How to Develop your Analytical Mind?

One of the qualities of a legal technician is knowing how to analyze and summarize information. There are several techniques for quickly developing this skill. Here they are. Before thinking about improving your analytical capabilities, Organizational Guidance Counsellor Mathieu Guénette, author of the website, invites legal technicians – or anyone else who wants to […]


A Paralegal Working on Their Own – How Does It Work?

After working in large law firms, some paralegals go out on their own. How do they make this leap successfully? Geneviève Forget is a senior paralegal with a solid track record, but she does not work for any law firm, either large or small. Two years ago, she decided instead to start her own business, […]


Should there be a professional order for paralegals?

Some paralegals want to be governed by a professional order. Advantages, disadvantages and positions of the various stakeholders. The Canadian Association of Paralegals (CAP) did not take the initiative to obtain a professional order on a whim. The decision was made after two positive consultations with its members. The application is currently being studied by […]

Company life

Due Diligence – the Role of the Paralegal

Due diligence is a crucial step in any business acquisition process. What is the paralegal’s role when it comes time to carry out this exercise? Due diligence is a very important phase when buying a business. It is the opportunity to verify the future acquisition’s state of health and thus avoid being confronted with unpleasant […]

Career management

Paralegals – Paid More Downtown Than in the Suburbs

Legal technicians are sought-after employees, but they are not all paid equitably depending on whether they work in a big city or outside major centres. This is what is discovered from a salary table published at the end of 2017. Drawn up by the Novea recruitment agency and covering the Greater Montreal area, the salary […]


Jurists Dissatisfied with Work – Why?

A recent survey shows that within the state apparatus, two jurists out of three are dissatisfied at work and that if they could they would resign. Focus on a major issue. The survey conducted by the Association des notaires et avocats du Québec (ANEQ) in February 2018 shows a certain mood of gloom, a few […]

Not to be missed

Becoming a Paralegal in Real Estate Law – What Skills Are Sought?

Holding a certificate in law, or a college diploma in legal techniques, the paralegal assists his or her notary and lawyer colleagues. There is a need for them in real estate law. What skills do you need for a career in this speciality? Know how to analyze Becoming a paralegal in real estate law requires […]

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