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Should there be a professional order for paralegals?

Some paralegals want to be governed by a professional order. Advantages, disadvantages and positions of the various stakeholders. The Paralegal Association of Canada (PAC) did not take the initiative to obtain a professional order on a whim. The decision was made after two positive consultations with its members. The application is currently being studied by […]

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Due Diligence – the Role of the Paralegal

Due diligence is a crucial step in any business acquisition process. What is the paralegal’s role when it comes time to carry out this exercise? Due diligence is a very important phase when buying a business. It is the opportunity to verify the future acquisition’s state of health and thus avoid being confronted with unpleasant […]

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Paralegals – Paid More Downtown Than in the Suburbs

Legal technicians are sought-after employees, but they are not all paid equitably depending on whether they work in a big city or outside major centres. This is what is discovered from a salary table published at the end of 2017. Drawn up by the Novea recruitment agency and covering the Greater Montreal area, the salary […]


Jurists Dissatisfied with Work – Why?

A recent survey shows that within the state apparatus, two jurists out of three are dissatisfied at work and that if they could they would resign. Focus on a major issue. The survey conducted by the Association des notaires et avocats du Québec (ANEQ) in February 2018 shows a certain mood of gloom, a few […]

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Becoming a Paralegal in Real Estate Law – What Skills Are Sought?

Holding a certificate in law, or a college diploma in legal techniques, the paralegal assists his or her notary and lawyer colleagues. There is a need for them in real estate law. What skills do you need for a career in this speciality? Know how to analyze Becoming a paralegal in real estate law requires […]

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Tips to Establish Trust Between a Lawyer and a Paralegal

Trust between a lawyer and a paralegal is crucial and contributes to a good working environment. Here are some behaviours to establish this culture of trust. According to Marc-André De Sève, president of the Canadian Association of Paralegals, correcting typos in a document or bringing coffee is not how a paralegal builds a bond of […]

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The Art and Method of Taking Notes Effectively

Taking notes effectively is an activity that is not easy. It demands method, practice and speed. Here are some tips to master this exercise.  Understanding this exercise. Without methods, our reflex is to want to write down everything we hear. “People do not measure the difficulty of taking notes effectively,” says Isabelle Riverin, Training Manager […]

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Arguments For Negotiating a Better Salary

Paralegals living in the city can be paid twice as much as those working in the suburbs. Is threatening to go into exile in the city a good strategy to negotiate your salary? The president and founder of the Novea legal recruitment firm, Marie-Ève Altur, is not so sure. In fact, according to a salary […]

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7 Awesome Job Search Resolutions for 2018

Whether you have been seeking a new job for several months or whether changing company is part of your good resolutions for 2018, you will have to take some initiatives to find an offer that suits you and convinces employers. Here are 7 awesome job search resolutions for 2018. 1. I will review my CV Whether […]

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Techniques and Tips to Improve your Memory

With the tons of information to be remembered, having a good memory is essential for any paralegal. Here are some tips to improve. Before embarking on practical tips, remember that a healthy lifestyle has a significant impact on our brain capacity, including memory. So diet, sleep and exercise are the first things to work on […]

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Dare to apply without having all the qualifications !

Employers are increasingly demanding with regards to the skills of administrative employees. However, it is quite rare for a candidate to have all the requirements. Here are some tips of what to emphasize when you decide to apply without having all the qualifications. Zaïda B. Mangones, employability consultant at the Club de recherche d’emploi de […]

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Paralegal Job: Between a Secretary and a Specialist

Paralegals perform both administrative and legal duties. However, recognition does not often come for these super assistants. In 2016, the British website Lawyer 2B conducted a survey of paralegals to better understand their situation. Although 67% of them rated their experience as “positive”, their role was not always clear to the lawyers they work for. […] network