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“Workcations”: a trend that is not about to run out of steam

 ”Workcations”, a contraction of the words “work” and “vacations”, are increasingly popular with employees. Working remotely from a place other than home is in vogue with the growing popularity of telecommuting. The pandemic has shaken up the way we work. Teleworking has become widespread and now allows the luckiest people, with the agreement of their […]


Job interview: is “ghosting” becoming more and more widespread?

The expression “ghosting”, a phenomenon popularized through online dating platforms, means the fact of “disappearing” and not giving any more news. While there is currently a major labour shortage, candidates today are spoiled with the choice of positions. According to recruiting experts, this position of power encourages workers to disappear down a rabbit hole before […]


A review of hirings and dismissals in Canada – June 2022

After stabilizing in April, employment numbers are rising again in Canada, according to data from Statistics Canada’s most recent Labor Force Survey (LFS). This increase is linked to the increase in full-time work among young women aged 18 to 24 (53,000, an increase of 10%) and among women aged 25 to 54 (63,000, an increase […]


Does remote work make it easier to hire disabled workers?

Interview with Laurence Marin, Executive Director of Regroupement des organismes spécialisés pour l’emploi des personnes handicapées (ROSEPH) [Group of specialized organizations for the employment of people with disabilities]. Remote work is a benefit for certain disabled people The pandemic revolutionized the world of employment. Remote work is now the norm for a large number of […]


A review of hirings and dismissals in Canada – May 2022

Employment stabilizes The employment rate remained at 61.9% in April After two consecutive months of increases, the employment rate has changed little and stabilized in Canada, according to data from Statistics Canada’s most recent Labor Force Survey. Job gains in professional, scientific and technical services and in public administration were offset by declines in construction […]

Company life

How do you survive a toxic boss?

Your manager is always ready to criticize whatever you say and do. Your motivation is in free fall, and your performance suffers the consequences. How do you survive a toxic boss? In business, an inflexible person in a position of authority can cause a lot of psychological and social damage around them. They may not […]

Career management

4 tips to follow if you return to work for a former employer

You left your job to try other experiences. After working abroad, resuming studies or changing your career, you decide to accept a position with your former employer. With your new skills in hand, your in-depth knowledge of the organization and your motivation pumped up, the future looks promising. But one question bothers you: did you […]


A review of hirings and dismissals – April 2022: The employment rate still on the rise

The employment rate continues to grow in Canada, according to data from Statistics Canada’s latest Labor Force Survey (LFS). Employment increased by 73,000 in March, an increase of 0.4 percentage points from February. This increase can be explained in particular by the fact that the Canadian provinces have continued to relax health measures related to […]


Has the pandemic put an end to the “9 to 5”?

The COVID-19 pandemic and the rapid change to remote work has turned office life upside down. Many workers have taken advantage of flexibility, which gives them a better personal and work life balance. So it seems that the health crisis has shaken the traditional “9 to 5”. “The 9 to 5, as we know it, […]


Five questions before accepting a job offer

The job interview is often a stressful experience. Focused on the image that they wish to convey, applicants sometimes don’t clarify certain essential points. So, before accepting an offer, here are five questions that should not be ignored.  Is the company flexible? The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that many tasks can be done remotely. According […]


Report on hirings and layoffs – March 2022: employment on the rise again

The employment rate is on the rise again in Canada, according to data from the most recent Labor Force Survey (LFS) from Statistics Canada. After a decline attributable to the fifth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of jobs in Canada increased by 337,000 in February. This increase was mainly observed in the private […]

Career management

4 Facts (or fables) about Professional Job Hopping

Professional job hopping is gaining momentum as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to play its part. And, with the scarcity of labour, many people are tempted to go and see if the grass really is greener elsewhere! 4 Facts (or fables) about Professional Job Hopping   Job hopping is reserved for young people “Professional job hopping […]

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