A review of hirings and dismissals – March 2023

Companies have recently laid off many employees while others have announced the hiring of staff.


The airline Airbus plans to hire 800 new employees in Canada. Of this number, 700 positions will be available in the province. Of those hired, 300 will replace retiring staff and another 500 will fill new positions.
Team Town Sports, a subsidiary of retail company Sporting Life Group, will open 25 stores across the country. This growth on Canadian soil will create between 2,000 and 2,200 jobs.
The Government of Quebec has granted $7.5 million to Chantiers Chibougamau to support a solid wood production project in Chibougamau. This financial assistance generates more than 50 jobs in this northern Quebec city and in the Montreal office of its Nordic Structures team.
The science and high-tech sectors in the Greater Toronto Area will open 500 specialized positions following a major investment by pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, which aims to significantly grow its research activities in Canada.
The Pacific Economic Development Agency of Canada is investing $9.3M to set up a training program on the maintenance, repair and overhaul of gas turbines in the aerospace sector that will create 160 jobs in British Columbia by 2027.


Due to significant financial losses during the last quarter, the media giant Quebecor recently announced the elimination of 240 positions within the company, including 140 jobs at Groupe TVA.
The COOP Alentour de Sherbrooke distribution center will close its doors permanently at the end of March 2023, which will result in the loss of jobs for 30 company workers.
The activities of the Canadian division of the American company Nordstrom
will cease by June 2023. The chain will close 13 stores in the territory, a decision that will cause the layoff of 2,300 employees.
A temporary collective layoff has been announced at diaMentis, a Quebec medical technology development company. A total of 29 employees will lose their jobs.
A dozen journalists employed by the English-language daily Montreal Gazette saw their jobs cut following budgetary difficulties announced by management. This job cut represents 25% of the newsroom workforce.
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