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Head office: Vaughan (Ontario)
Year of creation: 1883
Type of company: public
Sector of activity: branded restaurants

Recipe Unlimited Corporation is a Canadian company that provides catering services to airlines and owns several restaurant chains. It has 1382 restaurants within Canada and 61 internationally. It is one of Canada’s oldest and largest full-service
restaurant companies. It operates and/ or franchises restaurant brands such as Harvey’s, Swiss Chalet, St. Hubert, Montana’s, Kelsey’s and The Keg. Recipe Unlimited restaurants are located across all provinces with 72% based in Ontario.

Recipe Unlimited Corporation employs over 38,000 people across Canada, of which 4,700 work in its corporate restaurants and head office. Recipe Unlimited relies on the expertise of its many employees to fully manage and run its enterprise. From line cooks to dishwashers to accountants and bartenders and many other positions, each contributes to the success and functioning of the whole.

Working environment
Recipe Unlimited Corporation provides its employees with a competitive salary, flexible work hours, paid vacation, paid sick leave and an RRSP plan. Other benefits include meal discounts, a cell phone, and free drinks (water, juice, Coke).

Corporate culture
Recipe Unlimited Corporation strongly believes in a “grow from within” culture and the development of its employees. Employees receive training and continuous development throughout their career with the option of relocating to one of seven hundred locations across the country. Recipe Unlimited is dedicated to creating opportunities for upward mobility across all of their restaurant brands. It also believes in investing in the communities that it serves. Its main focus is the promotion of health and education and to that end it has supported local communities by sponsoring and coaching sports teams, providing snacks for school trips and promoting community events.

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Vaughan, ON L4K 0B8
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