Techniques and Tips to Improve your Memory

With the tons of information to be remembered, having a good memory is essential for any paralegal. Here are some tips to improve.

Before embarking on practical tips, remember that a healthy lifestyle has a significant impact on our brain capacity, including memory. So diet, sleep and exercise are the first things to work on to improve your memory faculties. For example, B vitamins play an essential role in memory. They are found especially in salmon, liver, spinach, eggs, etc. Also, iron deficiency harms intellectual performance, due to iron’s role in carrying oxygen to the brain.

After this, it’s time to move! Physical activity brings oxygen to the brain, which helps it be more efficient.

Finally, the quality of sleep has a direct link with memory performance. Many studies have demonstrated that memorization of new information takes place when we are asleep, since it is during this phase that “consolidation” of information takes place. About 6 to 8 hours of sleep per night is therefore recommended. Note that a short siesta for 30 minutes during the day can compensate for lack of sleep.

In addition to changing lifestyle, which is a long-term job, there are some obvious tips to improve your memory.

1. Use a pencil and paper. In this age of technology, it is easy to program an alarm to remind you of an appointment, for example. However, by taking the time to put information in writing, in an agenda for example, there is a greater chance that it will use your memory.

2. Play board games. Add games to your leisure time and you will undoubtedly see an improvement in your memory! The variety of games helps stimulate the brain and prevents it from settling in to an inactive state.

3. Get out of your comfort zone. In the same vein, new “channels” can be created in your brain by getting off the roads usually taken. Taking a different route to work, listening to or learning a foreign language, registering for a drawing workshop – it’s all good!

4. Create links. We’re talking here about the famous memory tricks that we use to remember names, grammar rules or places, for example. You can invent them and make them your own by referring to the many books and websites that offer practical tools.

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