Paralegal appointments March 2021

Adrienne Brabandt @Farris LLP

Adrienne Brabandt is taking up the duties of Legal Assistant at Farris LLP in Kelowna. She was previously employed at Thomas Butler LLP in the same position.

Katelyn Kripak @SB LLP

Katelyn Kripak has been employed by SB LLP as Legal Assistant in Edmonton. She had formerly worked at Mosaico Law.

Samantha Jeroff @Branch MacMaster LLP

Samantha Jeroff has been appointed Legal Assistant at Branch MacMaster LLP in Toronto. She previously worked the same position at Mason Caplan Roti LLP.

Kendra Brunton @Duncan, Linton LLP

Kendra Brunton has been recruited by Duncan, Linton LLP as a Legal Assistant in Kitchener. She was previously a Litigation Law Clerk at Soloway Wright LLP.

Sashya Gulati @Rose Law Firm - Canada

Sashya Gulati is moving from Canadian Canning Inc. . Startning now, she is becoming Legal Assistant at Rose Law Firm - Canada in Toronto.

Isabel Moreno @Korman & Company Professional Corporation

Isabel Moreno was hired by Korman & Company Professional Corporation as a Legal Assistant in Toronto. She had worked as a Team Executive Assistant at The Keitner Group.

Jody Clark @Jenkins Marzban Logan LLP

Jody Clark had formerly worked as a Family Law Legal Assistant at McQuarrie. She now works at Jenkins Marzban Logan LLP in Vancouver.

Laurie Pedersen @Blake Nichol Law Office

Laurie Pedersen has left Cougle + Company ¦ Real Estate + Business Law where she had been working as a Legal Assistant to be in charge of the same responsibilities at Blake Nichol Law Office in Calgary.

Marcia Vilarinho @Antonov Kaganovich LLP

Marcia Vilarinho has been appointed as a Law Clerk at Antonov Kaganovich LLP in Brampton. She was formerly employed at Campisi LLP Personal Injury Lawyers in the same position.

Tanya Thatchuk @Rose LLP

Tanya Thatchuk is leaving the position of Director of Firm Operations in Shourie Bhatia LLP. She is becoming Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) at Rose LLP in Calgary.

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